5 May – 3 August 2023
4-13 August 2023
13 July - 6 August 2023
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About Chieti Classica

This spring 2023, the historic Italian city of Chieti shall see the launch of the Chieti Classica Academy, Competitions and Summer Courses. This endeavour will give students of various different musical schools the opportunity to study under some of the leading artists of our time, as well as put their musical skills and abilities to the test against their peers. Spread out over four months, this event will take place from May to August 2023, and is open to practitioners of all nationalities, with a roster of professors and a series of jury panels made up of a number of the most internationally-acclaimed musicians and pedagogues working today.

Welcome to
Chieti Classica · 2023

Artistic Director
of Chieti Classica and President of ArtEnsemble

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to launch the Chieti Classica Academy, Competitions and Summer Courses here in the wonderful city of Chieti. 

Music education is something that lies very close to the heart of anyone who treasures the beauty of classical music, as it is only through such initiatives that we can help the talented young artists of today become the masters of tomorrow.

I hope that this ambitious endeavour will prove to be a fruitful experience for all of you who have joined us here in Italy. It is your presence that makes all the hard work worthwhile, and I eagerly look forward to welcoming all the young artists who represent the future of our world, and who I am sure, will once again bring light and hope to arts and culture!

Konstantin Ishkhanov

Dear Friends,

It is my deepest pleasure to welcome you to the Chieti Classica Academy, Competitions and Summer Courses.

This event incorporates within it two of the most important activities that are essential for all those who wish to progress further along their musical journey – education and competition. 

Featuring the presence of a host of acclaimed pedagogues and musicians who shall be leading our many masterclasses and sitting on the jury panels of the various competitions, this event offers a unique opportunity for students to gain a newfound understanding of their own instrument and abilities

I thank you all for joining us here in Italy, and urge you to make the most of what is certain to be an invaluable and transformative experience.